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We provide factory original remanufactured and used/recycled alloy wheels to a wide range of customers throughout the country, including collision centers, new/used car dealerships, retail tire outlets, and repair facilities.

Our inventory consists of all major domestic manufacturers as well as foreign brands.

Whether you are replacing damaged wheels, buying a spare, getting a set for winter, or simply upgrading your wheels, give APS a call and we’ll get you back on the road!

  • Thousands of OEM remanufactured wheels available with fast delivery to your door!
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the highest quality from the nation’s largest OEM wheel remanufacturer.
  • We will match the finish and color of the wheel(s) to the original equipment (OEM) specification of the auto manufacturer.
  • We guarantee that the wheels purchased from APS will be of the highest quality to meet your replacement needs.
  • We guarantee each OEM wheel will properly balance with a quality tire, will not vibrate, and will fit the vehicle correctly.

Make APS your one-stop wheel shop!

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