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Compatible with Sierra 1500 Pickup Silverado 1500 Pickup



  • Part Numbers: 25861647 25933364 25853727 25838848 20774684 25799979 25788659 20964170 15925419 15201563
  • Body Color: WHITE
  • Int Color: BLACK
  • Eng Size: 5.00
  • Tag: 0000201994
  • Mileage: 127959
SKU: MN121001207991


Stock No: 13133

Product Description



SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 07 new style (smooth door skin), (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 25799979
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 08 (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 25861647
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 09 (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 20774684
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 07 new style (smooth door skin), (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 25799979
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 08 (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 25861647
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 09 (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 20774684
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 10 (cluster), MPH (US market), ID 25933364
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 11 (cluster), MPH (US market), transmission opt M30, ID 20964170



Standard Parts Guarantee & Return Information


90 Day Parts Guarantee:

APS provides a 90 Day Limited Guarantee to the original purchaser. If a part fails in the normal use or service, APS will repair the part, furnish a replacement part or will refund the purchase price of the part. An extended parts warranty is available for addition fee due at the time of purchase, please ask your sales person for more information.

Parts Guarantee subject to following conditions:

  • Standard Parts Guarantee expires 90 days after date of purchase unless otherwise noted. Requests for coverage must be made within this timeframe. Claims made after this period will not be covered.
  • Invoice must accompany all guarantee claims
  • Merchandise must be returned to APS.
  • APS must be notified of any defective part prior to any repairs before coverage will be considered.
  • New fluids, filters, seals and gaskets must be used in installation of part. Engine oil and transmission fluid must be of the correct type and viscosity as recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Engine assemblies are understood to consist of a short block assembly and cylinder head(s). Any other parts left on an engine assembly at the time of sale are included for the purchaser’s convenience and are to be used at the purchaser’s option only. These parts are not covered under guaranteed coverage.


Parts Guarantee does not cover:

  • Labor is not covered unless Proven Installation Protection is purchased at time of sale.
  • The purchaser’s loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle, towing expense, installation expense or consequential damages.
  • Fluids, gaskets, seals, filters, or other materials or parts used in the installation of the purchaser’s part.
  • Claims that result from overheating, abuse, neglect, alternation, or improper installation.
  • Parts installed in vehicles used for commercial, racing, or off-road purposes or under conditions that would cause greater than normal wear.
  • Parts used for other than the original application.


30 Day Return Policy

All returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Invoice must accompany all returns.
  • Cores must be returned complete and drained of fluid within 30 days.
  • No returns on special orders or body cuts.
  • Parts must be returned unused and in the same condition as when purchased
  • All returns subject to a 30% restocking fee.
  • No reimbursement for labor without the purchase of Proven Installation Protection.


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